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Streaming Worship

Churches in Thunder Bay and remote guests working together to bring worship to those who can't (or choose not to) attend in person.



Join us for live-streamed worship Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time. If you miss a live event, it will normally be added to the archive list for later viewing.


Please CLICK HERE to find out about the MANY OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS in and for our church communities.

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PROBLEMS?   Try this first...

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  • Stream drops during service? We usually manage to fix it within 5 minutes or less. Alert us to the problem if possible, and try again in a few minutes.
  • Let us know about the problem by commenting in the chat room or email support@tbayunitedmedia.ca.
  • You can also try going to Trinity Live to view the event. (But if there are live-streaming problems, going to a different access point won't help.)


The event archive files usually include some pre-event setup time. Typical streamed worship services have a countdown starting about 10 minutes into the video, and the service starting 5 minutes later... But it can vary considerably. for individual archived events.

About Us

Thunder Bay United Media

TBay United Media is a project run by Trinity United Church, with the mission of connecting communities of faith, community service and arts organizations, families and friends across Thunder Bay and outlying communities, through its media and streaming technologies and expertise, in collaboration with AMIK Technology.

Multi-Site Collaborative Worship

Multi-Site worship has been at the heart of our streaming service from the start – worship services where two or three congregations would join together..., each gathering in their own church, each contributing parts of the service and viewing the parts contributed by other congregations on a big screen.

During the pandemic years, 2020-2021, Thunder Bay United Church congregations developed a pattern of collaborative worship using the Multi-Site as a platform, rotating host-church duties, and ensuring that all congregants could see faces from their congregation each week while engaging in a full and meaningful worship experience even during those times when the church buildings had to remain empty.

Participating Congregations

The following churches are regular contributors to Multi-Site Streaming Worship. Other local and remote congregations may participate as guests from time to time.

  • First Wesley United Church, Thunder Bay
  • Harmony United Church, Thunder Bay
  • Pinegrove United Church, Rosslyn
  • St. Paul's United Church, Thunder Bay
  • Trinity United Church, Thunder Bay
Our Virtual Congregation

During that same period, a large number of people from other churches or unaffiliated folks attended worship remotely, forming a virtual congregation. As pandemic restrictions are lifted, the form of Multi-Site collaborative worship will no doubt evolve again, in ways we can’t foresee yet, but whatever happens, we remain committed to serving our virtual congregation as well as participating churches.

Support Us

Get Involved

If you're a singer, you might want to talk to our music people about joining the virtual choir. If you're comfortable with A/V and computer equipment, you might want to volunteer to... help out the tech crew on Sunday mornings. Or do you have other ways you'd like to contribute, or suggestions on how to make the remote worship experience more meaningful? Talk to us!

Or you might want to talk to us about your congregation (of any faith!) or community-oriented organization, to see how Thunder Bay United Media could contribute to your group or to its mission, in a way that helps us advance our mission of connecting people in positive ways throughout our city and our region. Arrange to stream concerts or special events or faith-oriented services (except Sunday morning), or talk to us about contributing to our regular services from time to time.